The Grinning King & His Mortal Fool

These two were inspired by my interests in medieval art, memento mori and Shakespearean stuff. Both "Dead Heads" are mounted on custom-made bases, each reminiscent of their time while still alive (fleshless finger bones for the king, iron neck fetter for the fool).

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The "Grinning King" is blind to his own ravenous greed and fleeting power, represented by vacant eye sockets, an oversized mouth, gold-tipped horns and moldering chain mail (which I learned how to make for this project).

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The emphasis on the eyes of the "Mortal Fool" suggests an insight into the ways of the world. But a jawless mouth with missing teeth hints at want and hunger. The iron shackle at the base represents the inescapable servitude of this wise fool's fate.

(I also hand-stitched the jester's coif, and artificially rusted the bells.)

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But alas...
Whether Fool or King,
Both end up Dead Heads;
To play is the thing